Are you looking for an engaging, fun, science-based speaker for your next event? Do you need a keynote speaker or a break-out session leader to really wow your audience and leave them with concrete, easy-to-implement strategies, tools and techniques to increase personal and career success? Robin is a molecular geneticist changing the conversation of fear.

Robin has been a highly sought international speaker who has been on various stages for One Woman Canada, a featured podcast guest with The Big Talk NYC, Mental Health News Radio,RHG TV Network, Linda Ugelow’s Women Inspired TV and much more.


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 Moneeka Sawyer RHG TV Network — Real Estate Investing for Women

“Sometimes, we have to make shifts in our life. Sometimes, we're ready for a change. Am I right? My friend Robin Joy Meyers' mission is to educate and empower women to live fearlessly and founded her company Navigate & Empower on that very principle. You have the power to activate bold choices and live the life that you want and deserve.

On this weeks podcast we talk about Giving Yourself Permission to move forward. How mindset equals top notch productivity, Also, how to avoid the triggers of self-doubt. This is the perfect show to get started in the new year.”

Mental Health News Radio Network with Dr. Kristina Hallett And Kristin Walker

“Join your hosts of our series Be Awesome, Kristin Sunanta Walker and Dr. Kristina Hallett, as they talk about The Power of Self with fear strategist, author, and consultant, Robin Joy Meyers.

Women hire Robin to unblock obstacles, distractions, self-doubt and escape fears and those self-sabotaging voices in our head, because often women are challenged with balancing work, relationships and life. She is here to help you reach YOUR VISION & GOALS so that the path you choose inspires you. Activate Bold Choices and live life fearlessly and unapologetically. Take your “Alone” time and make it a time of solitude, growth and empowerment.

Never lose site of your dreams and passions no matter what transition of life you are at. Embrace your life changes as a bridge from the present to the future.

Her mission is to empower women all over the world to use fear to your advantage. #F*FEAR!”

Dare Daily with Sylvia Jagla

“Today, I’m talking with a friend who also happens to be one of my favorite women on the planet, Robin Joy Meyers.  I’m thrilled to share in this raw, real and deep interview.

She shares her authentic and vulnerable story about being voiceless, losing her mother and how this created her understanding about waking up and taking control of our lives.


  • her famous 5 minutes morning approach

  • self-worth, triggers, and self-sabotage

  • self-care, no matter if you’re a mum or a busy entrepreneur

  • and the concept of Alone but Not Lonely

If you’re feeling trapped or stuck in any part of your life or work, this episode can help you release resilience. We discuss how we can change our mindset and start value ourselves again.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to start building a routine, overcome a lose or implement intention and purpose into your daily life. Simple. Straightforward. Doable with every calendar.”

Marc Cardon: The Golden Mic

Life Transformation Radio with Sean Douglas

Sarah Fisher Podcast

Tyler Wagner’s The Business Blast Podcast