As a young molecular geneticist, who discovered a gene in fruit flies that links to their flight, Robin Joy Meyers never gave herself credit for being a powerful voice in the world of science. She is a speaker taking stages to empower women to claim their voices. Robin has taken flight and with her so will you!

Science-based strategies and techniques for true mindset, work/life balance, leadership, self-awareness and power of self.

Permission + FEAR = SPEAK your truth

Once you give yourself permission to use your voice then you can use FEAR to your advantage.


Forgive → Emerge → Accept → Resolve

Now you have the tools to SPEAK

Strategy build → Picture a Road Map → Eliminate Self Doubt → Action → Kick ass

Get up, speak your truth, and #ActivateBoldChoices because the world needs to hear your voice!

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Elite Strategy for the Professional Woman


Find yourself feeling lonely at the top? Looks like you have it all, but who do you go to when you need that boost of confidence; your own self-doubt feeling like a fraud or just plain scared to say that you feel like you suck today?

I know who you are! You are the executive woman; that top 5% of the top organizations of the world. Although you earned that place, you still climb that uphill battle just because you are a woman. You are working to have it all but still finding that balance.

Everyone needs that personal advocate in their back pocket. Let me be that person for you. I get you perfectly and am here to support you.

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Do you know that there are FOUR Traps of Self-Doubt?

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  • Two complimentary 15-minute Laser Sessions with Robin

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