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Robin Joy Meyers, MS, PCC

When I decided to use the voice that I have and live my life with purpose, that’s when I found my true power. 

I didn’t always use my voice. I remained voiceless and unsure how and when and if I should use my voice. I built a wall around me to protect me from my shy, introverted, frankly scared of my own shadow self.

At age 53 I realized that not only do I have a voice; I have a loud, strong, powerful voice and it is only I that can allow me to use it and make myself heard. Also, I am the only one who can give myself permission and to use whatever fear is holding me back to my advantage.

You may wonder why 53 is significant to me.  That’s the age when my mother died and I was 21.  

It is my mission to live a life of purpose and fulfillment and to teach as many women as I can along the way that you have the power to not only use your voice but be heard.

Life is full of transitions and challenges, but by being aware of what triggers our toxic, negative self-doubt and talk, We can shift and reset our mindset.

Make ALONE a powerful, empowering time when you can think about your visions and plan how to turn those visions into actions.

I have the formula so let's do this together!


What People Are Saying

I know is that she is totally REAL. She has great strategies and has made me change my morning routine. By the way I was never a morning person before but now I crave my morning time.
— Patti A. ~ Washington DC

Robin has changed my outlook on life. I am stronger, happier and more excited to start each day like a new opportunity with both my family and my business.
— Stefanie H. ~ Fairfax, Virginia

Robin enabled me by reaching a level of communication I could not achieve on my own, providing a systematic approach for self-examination, and ultimately develop
a game plan for success.
— Dianne D. ~ Montreal Canada